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It is important that you follow the Wiki's spoiler policy. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

General Rules Edit

  • Any new plot details, characters, locations, items, or anything else revealed in a build may not be put on the Wiki at all until three days after the release.
  • After three days, you may put in spoilers as long as you add {{Template:Spoiler}} at the top of the page.
  • The spoiler tag may be removed after three days.

Exceptions Edit

  • If a new build is released within any period, you may remove the tags.
  • Any info released by Tacku Nuva in the game topic may be put on the wiki.

Punishment Edit

  • First Offense: Friendly Warning
  • Second Offense: Strict Warning
  • Third Offense: Blocked until spoilers expire
  • Fourth Offense: Blocked for one week
  • Fifth Offense: Blocked for one month
  • Sixth Offense: Blocked forever

NOTE: Punishment points expire after one month.

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