Space Mountain is the name given by the citizens of LEGO Island to the underground NASA launch silo and the above ground control center. Space Mountain is located near the LEGO Island Residential Area.


Space Mountain was constructed in 1998. There, the Fish Ship that the Brickster used to journey to Earth was stored along with a small starfighter. In 1999, the Brickster stole back this Fish Ship and declared himself a space pirate. Pepper Roni and Luna Rom followed him into space and were captured by him for a short time. They eventually escaped to the moon and captured him there.

After being destroyed and rebuilt in 2001, Pepper took the Space Shuttle to OGEL I.S.L.E., and defeated the Brickster there.

In 2007, the Brickster was springed from jail by his army. Technician Bob, DJ Radio, and several others fled into the silo and discovered the mythical Captain Click. After being found by Pepper, Sky, and Luna, Captain Click helped assemble the Starship LEGO Island.