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Sky Lane is Pepper's best friend and one of the main characters in LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts. She's technologically savvy but not particularly brave. She is several years older than Pepper.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nothing is currently known about Sky Lane's past. She does not appear in LEGO Island 1 or 2, but whether this means she wasn't on LEGO Island at this time is unknown.

Xtreme Stunts Edit

When LEGO Studios came to LEGO Island to film their latest movie, 'Xtreme Stunts'. Sky was cast in the role of the hero's sidekick. During the course of the filming, sky participated in several of the action scenes Pepper stunt doubled in. After the filming of the movie finished, The Brickster kidnapped the Infomaniac and revealed his plan to use a supercomputer to deconstruct the world. Sky used the Information Center mainframe to hack into the The Brickster's supercomputer and set it to deconstruct his tower on top of space mountain. She then took a helicopter and rescued Pepper and the Infomaniac before the tower was destroyed.


  • Sky Lane makes an appearance in the upcoming game LEGO Universe as the captain of a starship. However, this appearance might not be considered part of the LEGO Island 3 canon.