SS LEGO Island

The SS LEGO Island in the basement of the Infocenter

The SS LEGO Island is a ship used by the Infomaniac to build LEGO Island.

History Edit

Early Days Edit

When it was first built, the LEGO Island was an unnamed ship, and was gray and black in color. Her maiden voyage was on an unknown date in 1957, when the Infomaniac along with thirteen other scientists set out to create LEGO Island. Before the island was actually built, the scientists tested out the technology by creating islands shaped like their favorite foods. After the island was built, she was stored in the basement of the building that would eventually become the Information Center. During the very first Power Brick experiment, the radiation from the disaster that killed thirteen scientists caused the ship to turn orange and red in color. It was then stored in the basement for decades to come. Only the Infomaniac knew of its existance. The radiation eventually weared off before the dawn of the twenty-first century.

LEGO Island 3 Edit

The SS LEGO Island would be used again shortly after the Invasion of LEGO Island. Pepper Roni, Sky Lane, Bill Ding, and either Enter or Return went inside the Infocenter and freed the Infomaniac. After a heated arguement between Pepper and the Infomaniac, the latter told Pepper about the ship. They ventured into the basement of the Information Center and waited for the great metal doors to open.

After journeying to various places across the planet, the LEGO Island was intercepted by the USS Arlington. Colonel O'Truth informed the citizens of LEGO Island that President Stephen Colbert intended to rid Earth of the Army of Ogel Prime. The only location on the planet which the Brickster still held at this point was his base of operations on LEGO Island.

Pepper boarded the Arlington, and the LEGO Island stayed with it during the Battle for LEGO Island. After retrieving starship engines from Captain Click's Cave, the LEGO Island was scrapped for parts along with remains from the OSS Monday several F-15s and structures of LEGO Island. From those parts, the Starship LEGO Island was built.


The LEGO Island had two decks, the top containing the bridge and the bottom containing the Maproom, Pepper's Quarters, Brig, Sickbay/Bank, Garage, Pizzeria, and Deck.

Places VisitedEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

The orange and red color scheme of the LEGO Island is borrowed from the Xtreme Stunts sets.