Pepper's House was the residence of Pepper Roni.


Pepper's house was built by Bill Ding in 2001, after Pepper had successfully delivered pizza to the good citizens of LEGO Island. It was then destroyed after The Brickster tore the Constructopedia, but rebuilt a short time later when its respective page was found. Pepper renovated his home in 2002 during the filming of Xtreme Stunts, and a slight renovation was made a few years later.



In 2001, Pepper's house had a downstairs and an upstairs. The downstairs had a sofa, trophy display, a computer for gaming, and a photo of Bologna Roni. The upstairs contained a bed.


Pepper's house had three rooms in 2007, one upstairs and two downstairs. The upstairs room was Pepper's bedroom, and thus contained his bed and alarm clock. The first downstairs room was his living room, and contained a couch.