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Ogel Prime
Ogel Prime


Ogel Prime


Eagle Nebula


The Brickster


76,000,000 including BricksterBots, 5,000,000 not including BricksterBots

Key Locations:

Ogel Island

Ogel Prime is the epicenter of the Brickster's domain.



After the Brickster escaped Earth, he encountered a wormhole that lead him to the Eagle Nebula. Very little is known about the creation of Ogel Prime, but it is widely accepted that the planet is artificial, and was created by smashing asteroids together, while allowing gravity to create a spherical shape. Ogel Prime was at one time perfectly spherical, until after smashing another asteroid into the planet caused about a quarter of it to break off, revealing its core. This event caused Ogel Prime to loose much of its atmosphere, with only the top third of the planet having breathable air.

Foundations of an EmpireEdit

The Brickster put Ogel Island, the capital of Ogel Prime, at the north pole of the planet. The first BricksterBot factories were built around this time too. With a growing army of robots, the Brickster needed someone who could interface and give orders to his machine army wirelessly. He fitted Alpha Rex, the prototype BricksterBot, with advanced artificial intelligence and hardware to give commands to the entire army or to a single soldier. Fish Ships were designed and built at the Ogel Prime Fleet Yards. The Brickster gradually built an army and fleet on Ogel Prime, with Earth as his target.

With 25 million BricksterBots produced, a fleet of two hundred Fish Ships, and an entire planet at his fingertips, the Brickster decided it was time to invade Earth. He set off in a single Fish Ship to the planet to conquer LEGO Island for himself, and would radio the fleet when he was ready to bombard Earth's major cities. The signal never came, as The Brickster was shortly captured and imprisoned.

The Arrival of Evil OgelEdit

On his way to Earth, The Brickster met Evil Ogel in the outer solar system. The Brickster gave Ogel the coordinates to Ogel Prime. Evil Ogel took the wormhole and became the de facto leader of the Brickster's empire while the former was in prison. Ogel Prime also became a training base for Evil Ogel's drones.



Ogel Prime is located between two of the Pillars of Creation, in the Eagle Nebula. It is located about 337 lightyears from Earth. A wormhole used to exist around 500 million kilometers from the planet. This wormhole allowed passage from the Eagle Nebula to the outer Terran Solar System. It destabilized a few years after the Brickster's return to Earth.