Ninja Tanimura


Japanese: 忍者谷村 (Ninja Tanimura) English: Ninja Village


Ninja Valley

Member of:

Order of the Ninja, Samurai (formerly)


About 150

忍者谷村 or Ninja Village was the primary settlement of the Order of the Ninja.


The village was settled thousands of years ago. Over the generations, its population was maintained at around 1000. When Jitsuro joined the Samurai, he gave tactical information to them about the village. The village was invaded by the samurai and the Order of the Ninja was driven out.

LEGO Island 3Edit

After the Power Brick was split, The Brickster briefly met with Jitsuro. The two agreed to a plan: the Brickster would receive the Power Brick Shard that Jitsuro possessed if the Brickster would supply forces to eliminate the Order of the Ninja.