A ninja is a japanese warrior. They are the subject of much speculation throughout the world, but it is known that they are highly-trained assasins. Most ninja are members of the Order of the Ninja, but there are several rouge ones.

History Edit

The exact date of the first ninja is lost to time forever. They have been in known to exist since the beginning of the 15th century, as that was when the Order was founded. Ninjas continue to remain in the world today, as Pepper Roni and Sky Lane visited Ninja Valley in the year 2007.

Typical Traits Edit

Clothing Edit

Members of the Order of the Ninja wear Ninja robes of one color, usually red, black, white, green, or gray. When on a mission, their mask is always worn to protect their identities. When in leisure, it is alright for a ninja to take his or her mask off. Rouge ninjas such as Jitsuro have been known to wear multi-colored robes.

Lifestyle Edit

Ninja often keep to themselves and are not very social. Some meditate often.

Weaponry Edit

Ninja carry a large variety of weaponry. Most notable are Ninja Spikes and swords.