LEGO City Img
LEGO City's Skyline


City of LEGO City


Florida/Georgia Border, United States of America


Sandy Beaches


8.5 million

Key Locations

The Hexagon, USS Arlington, LEGO City City Hall

LEGO City is a megacity city located on the coastal Florida/Georgia border. It is one of the largest in America, with a population totalling over 8 and a half milllion people. LEGO City is a hub for buisiness, tourism, and shopping.

History Edit

LEGO City was founded in the late 19th century. The exact date is unknown, as multiple documents suggest different dates of founding. During its first fifty years, LEGO City served as a trading post. The city reached a total population of about 1 million in 1929. During the Great Brick War, LEGO City was bombed severely by the Mega Confederation. Perhaps one of the most important points in LEGO City's history was quite recent.

In 2007, LEGO City was invaded by the forces of The Brickster. Mayor Sandy Beaches was kidnapped and held hostage within City Hall. President Stephen Colbert ordered a quarantine of the city. Massive evacuations were held. It is estimated that about 72% of LEGO City's population escaped the disaster. After Mayor Beaches was rescued, the people of LEGO City returned and began rebuilding.

Economy Edit

LEGO City is a global economic hub. The city is home to many global corporations such as Octan and Buisiness Inc. The city is also a LEGO Airlines hub. LEGO City has a gross domestic product of about 500 billion studs.

Behind the ScenesEdit

LEGO City is based mostly on many large cities of America, most notably New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Like New York, LEGO City's central finance district is connected to the mainland by a number of bridges. LEGO City has an above-ground train transport system like the Chicago "L" and is a sprawling metropolis like Los Angeles.