Island Xtreme Stunts (Abbreviated IXS or LIXS) is the third game in the Lego Island series of games. Lego Studios has come to the island to film their latest movie, and Pepper becomes the star. The Brickster (who has been released from jail) also stars in the movie, and uses the movie as a cover for his latest scheme. The Bricksterbots construct a tower on top of Space Mountain, and the Brickster tries to use a supercomputer to destroy the world. Pepper destroys the tower, and the Brickster is put in jail once more. The movie is released, and the island goes back to normal.

Notes Edit

Ties to LEGO Island 3 Edit

  • The characters of Sky Lane and Lucky Larry are carried over from LIX into LEGO Island 3.
  • The news ticker in LEGO City mentions that the Director is not making a sequel to "Xtreme Stunts", the movie in which Pepper starred in.
  • Pepper's House as protrayed in LEGO Island 3 looks similar to the one in LIX.