The Information Center was the tallest building on LEGO Island, and where the Infomaniac lived. It is a symbol for the entire island, and can be seen from almost any point on it.


Early DaysEdit

The Information Center was once a lab to host the Power Brick experiments. After the official founding of LEGO Island, the Infomaniac expanded the building to be three stories high. Many times when the Brickster has escaped, the Infomaniac and the LEGO Island Police Department use it as a base to plan their next moves.

LEGO Island 3Edit

The Infocenter was one of the last remaining buildings on LEGO Island after the Invasion of LEGO Island. It was destroyed by the Brickster's army, with Pepper Roni and his gang barely escaping in the SS LEGO Island. With LEGO Island abandoned, it is unknown if the Infocenter would be rebuilt.


First floorEdit

On the first floor of the Infocenter was a map of LEGO Island and the desk of the Infomaniac. There was also an elevator and Score Cube.

Second floorEdit

The second floor of the Infocenter featured an aquarium that Nick Brick often liked to swim in.


Nobody knew about the basement of the Information Center (save for the Infomaniac) until 2007. Here, the SS LEGO Island was stored until the building's eventual destruction.