The Great Brick War, sometimes simply called "the war", was the only major global conflict in history. The two major factions were the LEGO Allied Nations and Mega Confederation. The war lasted from 1954 to 1967.

Summary Edit

The First Attack Edit

With the economies of the United States and Europe booming due to massive brick production with low prices and high quality, the Mega Confederation, an underground organization which operates across the world, used one of its bases in Canada to attack the brick mines in Montana on January 19th, 1954. Historians believe that the reason why is because the Mega Confederation has bricks of inferior quality, and generally duplicate the design of the European/American ones. After blowing up a cavern, the American military soon arrived and pushed back the attackers. Although it was an American victory, sixteen miners died. Congress declared war on the Mega Confederation the next day.

Europe under fire Edit

Two weeks after the first attack in Montana, the city of Paris was bombed by Confederate planes disguised as American fighters. London was also the subject of several bombings, and ferries from mainland Europe to the English island were sunken by what looked like American submarines. This set off tensions between Europe and the United States. But after LEGO City was bombed by what appeared to be French and English bombers, there was no doubt that the Mega Confederation was trying to weaken the world's powers.

Charter of the LEGO Allied Nations Edit

The leaders of the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Soviet Union, and Canada met in Washington DC to establish the LEGO Allied Nations. The purpose of this forming was to create an alliance to destroy the Mega Confederation. There were attempts by the confederation to destroy the city and severely weaken the world powers, but this was thwarted easily.