This is a complete list of the characters that appear in LEGO Island 3.

LEGO IslandEdit

The following characters live on LEGO Island.

  • Pepper Roni - A skateboarding pizza delivery dude who is sent to recapture the Brickster.
  • Sky Lane - A skater and Pepper's best friend.
  • The Brickster - The sole criminal of LEGO Island, bent upon deconstructing the island.
  • Arnold - A friend of Pepper's who was trapped in the House on Spooky Hill.
  • Nick Brick - A police officer known for his keen memory.
  • Laura Brick - A police officer known for her friendly nature.
  • Snap Lockit - A lifeguard and competitive jetski racer
  • Nubby Stevens - A mechanic and the owner of the Gas Station
  • Mr. Super - A rather mysterious resident
  • Mr. DJ Radio - A radio station opperator and announcer

Lego CityEdit

The following characters live in Lego City, the capital of the lego world.

  • Luna Rom - One of Pepper's overseas friends

Ninja Valley Edit

The characters who inhabit Ninja Valley tend to be Ninjas or Samurai, and are constantly at war with each other.

  • Anzani - The current pupil of Shugu.
  • Shugu - A wise skateboarding Ninja Master.

Adventure Island Edit

Treasure hunters and explorers, those who live on Adventure Island are quite adventurous.

  • Johnny Thunder - A compassionate australian Treasure Hunter.
  • Dr. Kilroy - an archeologist with knowledge in many areas.
  • Pippin Reed - A photographer and journalist for World Magazine.
  • Achu - Ruler of the Jungle and guardian of the Sun Disc.
  • Sam Sinister - A vile man who is a treasure stealer and a dino hunter.

Sandy Bay Edit

Citizens of Sandy Bay are always into racing and relaxing.