Brickster-Bots are the deluded, sometimes silly henchmen of the Brickster. They are robots designed after the Brickster. They have the same striped-shirt of the Brickster but have a cubed head. The first bot built was Alpha Rex, the general of the Brickster-Bot Millitary, and the only person the Brickster trusts.

In 1999, the Brickster-Bots were introduced to LEGO Island for the first time. They were very unintelligent from then to 2003. Then they disappeared for four years until the Invasion of LEGO Island, where they invaded LEGO Island, freed the Brickster, and captured the citizens.

There are several types of bots. There are Standard Brickster-Bots with colored heads/arms to determain rank and special Brickster-Bots such as the HONAB, or High Objective Non Autonomous Bot.

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