"I liked them so much, I even submitted my own design to the Brickster!"
Evil Ogel, OGEL Robotics Inc. Website

The BricksterBot Spider is a recently-designed special operations BricksterBot.

History Edit

Interestingly, the original blueprints for the BricksterBot Spider were not created by the Brickster or OGEL Robotics, Inc., but by Evil Ogel himself. OGEL Robotics, Inc. then adapted this blueprint and created the BricksterBot Spider.

BricksterBot MegaSpider Edit

On Sandy Bay, the Xalax Portal was opened by Dr. Science to reach OGEL Prime.  OGEL Prime sent feedback in the form of a BricksterBot army.  Shortly afterward, the portal to OGEL Prime increased in size to allow a massive BricksterBot Spider, known as the BricksterBot MegaSpider to come through. This BricksterBot MegaSpider terrorized the city of Brickton. Pepper Roni and Sky Lane had to use pizza cannons to fire large pizzas at the BricksterBot Spider. After it withstood the forces of about ten pizzas, eventually the BricksterBot MegaSpider blew up.

Abilities and Traits Edit

BricksterBot Spiders possess four arachnid legs and are slightly smaller than the average Minifig.  This allows them to travel quickly, possibly faster than most models of BricksterBots.  Like most BricksterBots, they charge blindly towards enemies, allowing them to be pelted by pizzas, wrenches, and other attacks.  After being hit a few times by various attacks, BricksterBot Spiders are deconstructed.

The BricksterBot MegaSpider, on the other hand, is the size of a small town.  Its full capabilities have not been seen yet, but it much more defensive than the smaller BricksterBot Spiders or even any other BricksterBot.  The only way to defeat it was by firing ten giant pizzas out of cannons.

Trivia Edit

  • The BricksterBot Spider is the combined results of two winning entries of a "Design a Special Ops BricksterBot" contest on BZPower. They were the Spider-Bot by Brikman McStudz and the BrickspiderBot by PeabodySam.
  • In previous builds of LEGO Island 3, the smaller BricksterBot Spiders made their first public appearance when they emerged from the OGEL Prime portal on Sandy Bay as part of the invading army, along with BricksterBot Classics and H.O.N.A.B.  In the most recent Build 15.2, the smaller BricksterBot Spiders do not appear.