"He was either the strongest, bravest explorer that ever lived on LEGO Island or he was one great story teller."

- The Infomaniac, LEGO Island 1

Bologna Roni
Father roni
Pepper's Father


Bologna Roni








LEGO Island(formerly)

Bologna Roni Is Peppers father and was the original 'local hero' of LEGO Island. He disappeared one day, the reason for this was never discovered.

Biography Edit

Pre LEGO Island Edit

Not a lot is known about Bologna's early life spent on the Gustatory Delight with his parents, Sandy and Mac Roni.

It is know that he had many exiting Adventures before his arrival on LEGO Island.

Arrival on LEGO Island and the birth of Pepper Edit

In 1968, Bologna and the rest of the people on board the Gustatory Delight landed on LEGO Island and decided to settle there. Bologna told The Infomaniac about all the fantastic adventures he had experienced during his travels. The Infomaniac was somewhat skeptical of the story's he was told, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Pepper was born on March 27, 1992. Bologna was a good father to Pepper, taking him exploring and teaching him important skills. He even built Pepper his very own skateboard, which Pepper still uses to this day.

Disappearance Edit

On January 17th 1995, Bologna Roni disappeared from his home on LEGO Island. During the resulting investigation by the LEGO Island Police Department, unidentified footprints where discovered in his house, but after two weeks with no sign of Bologna or any further evidence, the case was closed. No one has reported seeing Bologna since then. His whereabouts remain unknown.